PA / Autobrite Premium Snow Foam Lance(Lavor – Clean Force – Aldi Workzone – Ryobi v1)

PA / Autobrite Premium Snow Foam Lance(Lavor – Clean Force – Aldi Workzone – Ryobi v1)

$99.99 inc. GST

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$99.99 inc. GST

Lavor – Clean Force – Aldi Workzone – Ryobi v1

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The connector on this Snow Foam Lance is designed to fit the following pressure washers:

  • Lavor
  • Clean Force
  • Aldi Workzone
  • Ryobi v1

We have searched hard for the very best quality foam lance on the market and believe we have found it with the AB Heavy Duty Snow Foam Lance made and manufactured in Italy. A Snow Foam Lance can change the way you wash your car to reduce the chance of swirls.

Kit Contains: 

1x Mint Snow Foam Lance Connector (Lavor – Clean Force – Aldi Workzone – Ryobi v1)
1x Premium Lance Blank

The lance attaches directly to your pressure washer gun/handle. Used as a Pre-Wash Tool, it mixes Snow Foam Detergent/Concentrate with the high pressure water flow to create a very thick foam which clings to the vehicle. This softens and lifts the dirt and grit from the vehicle’s surface in a matter of minutes, the foam can then be easily removed with a rinse from the pressure washer. This process removes the majority of the harmful dirt and grit, that can cause swirls on the paintwork during regular contact washing, making the process much safer.

Regular car wash shampoos can be used through the Foam Lance (although sometimes they do not give you that ‘shaving cream foam’ thickness) or most safe All-Purpose-Cleaners can be mixed for a strong pre-wash to remove intense dirt build up and old waxes, when needed before a full detail.

The Snow Foam Lance is made by PA in Italy and offers a high quality and latest design with a solid brass body. It features a fully adjustable dilution valve to offer different density of foam and variable spray nozzle for controlling the pattern of foam delivered.

Made in Italy – this is the highest European Quality, please be aware of cheap copies that might look similar but do not offer anywhere near the same results or long lasting quality



For best results:

Simply add 80 – 100ml of a quality true Snow Foam Concentrate such as Mint Snow Foam or Gyeon Quartz Foam in the bottom of the bottle of the Foam Lance and dilute with water. Apply foam liberally to the exterior of the vehicle and allow to dwell for a minimum of 5-10 minutes. Rinse off using a strong pressure from the bottom of the car working upwards (horizontally is easier, to see where you have been).

Care Instructions:

After using the Lance to Snow Foam your car, CCPhighly recommends that you run some clean water (preferably warm) through the Lance to ensure that it stays clean and free from any build-up of wash/foam concentrate, that can block the filter over time.